View Full Version : Reload a CSS Emulated Frame

11-28-2008, 06:16 PM
I am not an experienced web developer. In fact, I am an engineer working in the envirojnmental, health and safety (EH&S) field. The web page I am developing is a tool to be used by our project managers to get guidance in determining potential EH&S-related project costs. It is written using html, vbscript, css and very little javascript. I know html and vbscript fairly well but am relatively new to javascript and css.

I cannot provide access to the web page as I am developing it off-line. This web page is a form consisting of three (3) sections, each created using css to emulate frames. The first section is a header containing limited information and asking the user to input his/her name, project description, etc. The second section is a set of tabs corresponding to answers provided in the third and final section. The third section consists of a set of 24 yes and no questions. For each yes answer given by the user, a new set of questions appears. In addition, I want to update the tabs section (Emulated section 2) by adding a tab that links to the new set of questions.

The first section is made up of text and input boxes. The second section contains a vbscript file that writes a two-row table containing up to 24 tabs. The third section is made up of text and checkboxes. The onClick action for each checkbox activates a script file that opens the related set of questions in the third section and counts the number of yes checkboxes. It is this updated number of yes checkboxes that I want to use to update the tabs in section 2.

When initially loaded, the page looks and acts correctly. I can get everything to work except for the code that updates the number of tabs appearing in section 2. That is what I want to dynamically update every time a checkbox in section 3 is clicked. This is the crux of my problem. How can I update the tabs appearing in section 2 (a css emulated frame) without affecting the information appearing in either section 1 or section 3 (css emulated frames)? Any help that you or others can provide will be very much appreciated.