View Full Version : Changing a list selection

02-26-2003, 01:39 AM
Is it possible to have html code such as:
</br><a href="#" onMouseOver="document.images[1].src='p_felton.jpg'" onMouseOut="document.images[1].src='unc_thumb.gif'">#2 - Raymond Felton</a>

and then add something like onClick="document.selection.choice.options.selectedIndex='1'"
to change then index that is currently showing and highlighted in a dropdown list??
thanks for any help.

02-26-2003, 02:17 AM
Yes. Exactly like that.

02-26-2003, 03:50 AM
except that selectedIndex should not be a string but an integer, and there should be a return false after to cancel the href.

<a href="#" onMouseOver="document.images[1].src='p_felton.jpg'" onMouseOut="document.images[1].src='unc_thumb.gif'" onClick="document.selection.choice.options.selectedIndex=1;return false" >#2 - Raymond Felton</a>

02-26-2003, 05:51 AM
got it workin perfect, thanks a lot