View Full Version : Beginner needs help - IE6 removing text from pages

Nov 25th, 2008, 07:31 AM
Hello, I am pretty new to web design and am just learning CSS...

I am working on a site that displays perfectly in firefox/ie7 etc.. but when it is opened in ie6 text randomly disappears on two pages...

This is ultimately frustrating considering i have spent 99% of the time on the site trying to look for a way around this mess.

The pages that are not displaying properly are:


any suggestions? don't be to harsh....the code will probably be a lot choppier than what you are used to :D

Nov 25th, 2008, 07:46 AM
Hello there,

It's known as IE's peekaboo bug (http://www.positioniseverything.net/explorer/peekaboo.html).

In the above page, have a try by

#page_content {
background: #FFF;
text-align: justify;
padding: 0px 0px 25px;

PS: warm welcome to CF :)