View Full Version : Jump to anchor in loaded DIV possible?

11-19-2008, 05:56 AM
Hi there

I am using a Dhtmlgoodies script that loads my content file inside a DIV. The script is working by using innerHtml I think. Now my problem is this.

On click of the link, I'd like that a div is loaded with my file that includes anchors and jump to an anchor that is inside this div.

As I am begining to fear, every attempt to try to read the anchor tag or id if I use that instead, has resulter in null. That should suggest that the anchor is not visible after content load.

This is more of a general question before I paste some code. But is it possible to jump to an anchor tag like this:


so that the test.php will be loaded in a div tag on the page and then the page would jump to #test1? If I later click on the url again it jumps to an anchor, but I failt to jump to it, I even tried using scrollto. Problem seems to be the anchor is not visible to the container page :-/ Am I right?