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11-19-2008, 12:35 AM
1) Project Details:

I have a tech-related review site and I have a partnership with Shopping.com to use their API. I currently have a script to display their product price listings but I would also like to have a script to display the product specifications into a table similar to what I have here... http://www.techreviewsource.com/test/specs_table.php

A sample XML feed is located at http://sandbox.api.shopping.com/publisher/3.0/rest/GeneralSearch?apiKey=authorized-key&trackingId=7000610&productId=40940649&showProductSpecs=true&numItems=0 and what I want show out of that XML feed is the data contained in the "Feature Group" hierarchy tags.

I would like it to be in the form of a PHP script where I can just have the script located in one file on the server and wherever I want the product specs table to show, I can just put a small snippet of PHP code to "call" on the main script and input the "productId=" variable into the XML call.

2) Payment Amount: Under $100

3) Payment method/ details: Paypal / Within the next week

AIM: windowsaz
E-mail: editor AT techreviewsource DOT com

11-19-2008, 10:30 AM
I'm available for this project, I can make you a script that fetches from the feature group tag inside of the xml