View Full Version : Flash Programmer Needed, Score Overlay Program

Nov 12th, 2008, 08:10 PM
I need to get bids on a flash program to be written. The flash program will be an animated score keying program. Basically the program must be written for dual screen view, one screen is the preview and work window and the other screen is the final output. The program needs to do the following, simple jpg's need to be loaded into the program, then there needs to be a text interface with fonts that can be typed over the graphic, and there needs to be a way to choose between simple transitions like, fade or slide in from the top. The program also has to be able to type the information in and then select when you would like to send the information to the output screen. It also needs to have some built in animations. Its basically a scoring system for live video overlays.

Nov 12th, 2008, 08:49 PM
I must ask a few questions, as I can program in Flash but I don't quite understand exactly what you mean by a few things.

What is score keying program? I believe you mean that it should be a program which could display the score of a game (such as ESPN does on TV), but is this right? How does this connect with your broadcasting system? (I majored in TV broadcasting, we did not do anything with flash)

Should the program allow more jpgs to be loaded, or will there be a static directory listing ready for these?

I honestly don't know how long this would take to program, as this seems like a large project that requires good planning before production. Do you have a timeline? Do you have any further information?


Nov 13th, 2008, 02:59 AM
My explaination is a little hazy, what I was trying to describe is a scoring system, that feeds my mixer and it displays it using keying, or a DOG (digitial onscreen graphic). The program should allow multiple JPG's to be loaded, but the graphics for the most part wont be changing. Currently we use a character generation program which is good, but its not instant. We would also like the ability to use a timer. How we envisioned the program was we would have a preview screen, and an output program screen, which would feed the mixer. We basicly would have a Score banner on the top, which would have a graphic, and then we could type the team name over it, and maybe drop their logo on top of it. We would like a timer for the play clock, with a start stop button on the preview screen and be able to reset it back to a certain time we can type in. We would also like sound and transitions. If we have a dog slide up from the bottom, with maybe a stat we typed in. Timeline is about 30 days. Give or take.

Nov 13th, 2008, 03:39 PM
Have you tested to make sure that you can key out a color (such as a bright green) from a flash file? I just want to make sure you have tested this before I throw my hat in the ring for the project.

Also there are some practical implications, such as Flash does not have local file access, so if it needs to connect to external files they must be passed through a server with the appropriate credentials. Essentially, your system has to run the internet or at least a local server to provide full Flash functionality (unless someone knows better).

You might want to look at AIR/Flex, which is a branch from Flash which Adobe is useing to allow desktop applications that are built using Flex. Your order for this program is very tall, and I haven't developed very much with Flex, but I can imagine its possible.

Also, I have no idea how to make these screens you describe fit into a system, because Flash exists inside of one stage at all times. So really it would be just one massive file, that is split into several parts. I'm just not sure I'm convinced that Flash can do what you expect, since its not really designed to mix with desktop programs.

Nov 13th, 2008, 05:22 PM
I can key out a color, I typically do use green. I currently use this system, but its not automated, basicly i make a 720x480 graphic in photoshop for everytime i need to change the score, put up a side graphic etc, its very time consuming. Here is an example of the system. If you cant pass files in, it technically doesn't HAVE to. Also if something is better than flash, please tell me. I just need something that will work. Here's a screen capture (http://quakeunity.com/peter/test.jpg) I need drop down list for the 1st, 2nd etc, and a drop down menu for the 1st and 10 etc, I also need to be able to put scores in the blanks, but would like the flexibility to have a built in drop down box, as well as a text tool i can write over things.