View Full Version : is there a script to set wallpaper

02-24-2003, 07:16 AM
Is there a script of some variety that will allow for the wall paper to be set via the user clicking on a link. i.e. have a thumbnail of an image on the page, and underneath, 2 links, "800 x 600" and "1024 x 768", and when the user clicks on the link it sets their wallpaper to the image, at the right size for their resolution. I don't really want to have to have them opening the right sized image, then having to right click and "set as background"

02-24-2003, 11:20 AM
Just take 5 mins and think what would happen if websites could just set their images as someones wallpaper....

... coca-cola.com -> blimey, my wallpaper has become a can of coke

... micra.com -> that's a fugly looking desktop now

Every single commercial site would sling their image as your desktop - what fun.

You'll have to either force download the image file or let the surfers right-click n save

02-24-2003, 05:08 PM
Or basically you would have to write some stand-alone software that the person would have to install on their system that interacts with the image files on your site. www.webshots.com does this. Once you have their software installed when you click on the images in their site it downloads and sets the image as your wallpaper.

Besides no server-side programming languge can directly interact with your system nor your browser. It is all processed on the server hence the name server-side language. The only thing that a server-side language does is send basic client side coding (html, javascript) back to the browser.