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Hi am a new bee to this JSON. What is this Json? is it a communication between java and Flash.?

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I'm about 94% certain that JSON is an ecma standard.
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Awesome, it even has a forum of its own :)

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It's not an ECMA standard, though it's built on one and will be standardised further in one. It's basically the object, array, number, boolean, string and null literal syntaces from ECMAScript/JavaScript when removed from the actual programming language to use as a data representation format. It looks like some special handling of it it will be a normative part of ECMAScript 3.1.

rnd me
11-12-2008, 01:07 AM
it is a strict subset of object literal notation.
extra rules in JSON not in JS:

no inline functions, no inline function calls, no custom "classes"
dates represented by ISO string instead of a Date Object
quoted key and string values: { "key" : "value" }
must use double (") quotes, while JS can accept single (')
anonymous in nature, JS objects can be named variable declarations
whitespace semi-enforced, JS is completely ignorant

i am sure i've forgotten a few other points, but those are the major ones that jump out at me.

11-19-2008, 11:22 AM
JSON is a data interchange format which is used to pass data between client and server using javascript/ajax. basically xml and json do the same thing, though there are many differences.

- json is lightweight (try comparing json to xml for same amount of data)
-json is native object form in javascript [ structure of a json and a javascript object is same.

an object in javascript:
var obj = {"name": "xyz","age","25"}
var obj = {};
obj.name = "xyz";
obj.age = 25;

json format:

"name": "xyz",
"age" : "25"

You just have to parse a json string and it is ready to be used as an object in javascript. No heavy code for parsing xml and all.
If interested you can see more at: http://www.vijayjoshi.org/2008/08/20/what-is-json-definition-and-uses-in-javascript/

11-21-2008, 12:21 PM
JSON is a simple, and elegant data format for the exchange of information between the browser and server.