View Full Version : Image Registration?

11-10-2008, 07:14 PM
Hi all.
I am working on a project that needs to do some image registration and itís giving me quite a hard time. I was wondering if anyone here might be familiar with different software of techniques? Currently I am working with ImageJ and the TurboReg plug-in, which is medical image registration software. Not really what I need, but itís the best Iíve found so far.

To break down the project real simply, I am trying to integrate an image of a body of water into Google Maps. So, say you have Google Maps open and there is a lake in the middle of it. I will have an image that is the same shape as that lake (representing water temperature for example) but it wonít fit right in. I want to register this image to the Google Map so that it will be the exact size and fit right in there seamlessly. Hopefully I explained this clearly.

Anyone have any advice?