View Full Version : Auto jpeg from first frame of video

11-07-2008, 07:26 PM
Hello . I own a website


I am using a deluxe shared hosting account as of now.

As it is right now the site works perfect and im happy with godaddy.

We are trying to set my admin page up so i no longer need to take a screenshot of the video by hand or get them from a 2nd source. I know that many many sites use this kinda feature and have come to understand that its FFMPEG that we are needing to use.....However i am confused on if i have it or not and if i dont can i get it on the type of shared account i have?
If i cannot....Will a dedicated IP fix my problem? I am not very smart about unix systems but i do know how to pico and login to a shell ..I know that things need to be decompiled and everything on unix servers so i would asume that if i didnt have it installed already on my account that i would be screwed on count of not having shell access.....
But i am also confused because people say you cant stream videos without ffmpeg but as you see my site works very well for what i have.

I would apprecate any info i can get on how to do this and if anyone would be interested in helping me hands on please get with me