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Feb 22nd, 2003, 01:10 PM
HI! i have a little problem that I hope you could help me it would be greatly appreciated thanks in advance.
You know that in windows applications if you place your text on any programs menu there appears some sort of tool tip that describes it. I know that in img tag its possible by placing alt, i think? Anyway how do i do it to my form so that when my mouse enters data to that form it will appear to describe that form's purpose, is this possible to create without using javascript? How do i also do this for images and link tags? Thanks

Feb 22nd, 2003, 01:24 PM
all you have to do is put

<a href="url" title="some title">text</a>

Feb 23rd, 2003, 07:01 AM
for images, alt="" will give you the tooltip, everything else is title=""

Feb 23rd, 2003, 02:53 PM
NO! Sorry, but that's pet peeve of mine. :o

TITLE is for tooltips.

ALT is supposed to be displayed when the image for some reason or other isn't loaded, not when it is. NS4 and IE did it wrong and browsers like Opera is only too happy to mimic IE - alas.

You can use both for images. TITLE will override ALT as tooltip even in IE. The text to be displayed instead of the image is hopefully not the same as the tooltip text. :p

Feb 23rd, 2003, 08:24 PM
yes, you are right.
but alt does give a tooltip ..

Feb 23rd, 2003, 08:44 PM
heh... but that is not its purpose... ;)

Feb 23rd, 2003, 09:05 PM
Originally posted by cg9com
yes, you are right.
but alt does give a tooltip ..

Not in Gecko-based browsers.

Feb 23rd, 2003, 10:34 PM
It does in K-Mel. Traitors! :mad:

Feb 24th, 2003, 03:27 AM
aaah good to know :thumbsup:

Feb 24th, 2003, 11:49 AM
HI! thanks eddy! Thanks for helping me in my very easy problem, but is there a way so that everytime i place my mouse the tool tip will appear instantly and i wont have to wait for a LONG time before the tooltip will appear?
also, why is it that when i place {window.onload="document.f.focus";} on my fucntion why is it that my form named f doesnt receive focus everytime it is loaded? the reason i placed window.onload into my javascript file so my onload in the body tag wont be too many.
Hey, i thought by using the alt tag you coudl change the display below the status bar to be the same as the alt bar? because every time i pass my mouse to a link the status bar features the address of the link not the name? what is wrong?

Feb 24th, 2003, 07:04 PM
the tooltip behavior is browser specific, i dont think theres a way to change load times ect.
in order to change the status bar when you mouse over a link, you would need javascript, here is an inline example.
<a href="" onmouseover="window.status='text1'" onmouseout="window.status='text2'">text</a>