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02-21-2003, 06:44 PM
i having a problem in the form i made. At the bottom of the page i have 2 selection boxes. The first one when an item is selected it should display a corresponding price for the array in the box underneath it. Then when u select an item in the second selection box u should get an extended price in the box under it. But for some reason it's not working. HELP would be appreciated.

02-21-2003, 08:32 PM
Please excuse me if I am blunt, but get some professional help.

I say this because this site is part of a business.

There's a lot wrong with this site, code, design... My opinion is even if you manage to get even the rudimentary elements working, in the long run the site will be hard for folks to use, buggy, ugly, hard for a programmer to modify / extend, yada yada yada. and so on.

Array declaration is not correct.
Why so many <form>s?
That background color!
Why display ticking seconds?
Why display it (and the date) in an (editable) textbox?
Why so many script tags?
Some of the code in your SWITCH cases will never execute.
Error messages like "... make sure all blanks have been filled" is hardly helpful to the user.
Many<td>s have exactly the same id. Several are defined like this <td id="text">. Using "text" as an ID is a very bad idea. "Text" happens to be an attribute or attribute value of some tags. The code will just be confusing.
requiredhours.extprice does not exist on the HTML page.
substring syntax is wrong in function JOBPRICES(). The substring index is probably wrong too. Indexes start at 0 in JavaScript.
I'm tired. Time for a drink.

No you don't need fancy-smanchy, but this is a *bad* start.