View Full Version : Update flexible field content w/o refresh page

10-23-2008, 07:09 AM
I have a situation here and need help from u all as expert.

I have a form of employee which have some paticular like this :


name : someone name <TEXTFIELD>
ID : 134567 <TEXTFIELD>
Tel : 013-323423 <TEXTFIELD>

education <TABLE>
School | Achieve | year | Delete
University A | B.sc | 2000 | [ DEL BUTTON]
College B | Dip. | 1998 | [DEL BUTTON]


cont :

All field above except education dan be update using normal form submition. The problem is on the education field which is i display as a list and i need to update is separately. what i want to do is :

1) Inniatially display the list table contain original data with the form.
2) When i click ADD EDUCATION BUTTON it will pop a new page or new frame to display some form to fill up school,achieve and year data. Once i submit, the page / frame will close and the table will refresh without refreshing the entire parent form / page.
3) when i click DEL BUTTON on respective row it will delete the row and refresh again the table only..
4)Edit the contain by click on the row and it will popup the edit form same like add form contain original data and refresh the table after i submit it.

All these event will contact the database behind the scene.

till now I cant find these kind of sample in net, and base on my knowledge i cant compile all stuff i got to make it run.. please help me..
or any other way to handle this kind of situation..

TQ in advance..