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10-23-2008, 03:02 AM
The paragraph below is off the web page and below that is the script for that area.

[COLOR="Blue"]Is your company a party to any judgements,
claims, or lawsuits pending or outstanding,
including Directors or employees, or subject
to prosecution by a regulatory body? No
Is your company involved in any bankruptcy
or reorganisation proceedings? No
Public Liability Yes
Verified Yes
Date Verified 2/8/2006
Policy Number xxxxxxxx
Liability Limit 999999999
Renewal Date 30/6/2007
Insurance Company ????????????
Post Code 4001
Country Australia
Phone Number 99 9999 9999
Fax Number 99 9999 9999 [/COLOR

<script type="text/javascript" src="ew.js"></script>
<script type="text/javascript">
EW_dateSep = "/"; // set date separator
EW_UploadAllowedFileExt = "gif,jpg,jpeg,bmp,png,doc,xls,pdf,zip"; // allowd upload file extension
<script type="text/javascript">
function EW_checkMyForm(EW_this) {
if (EW_this.x_Date_Verified && !EW_checkeurodate(EW_this.x_Date_Verified.value)) {
if (!EW_onError(EW_this, EW_this.x_Date_Verified, "TEXT", "Incorrect date, format = dd/mm/yyyy - Date Verified"))
return false;
if (EW_this.x_Liability_Limit && !EW_checkinteger(EW_this.x_Liability_Limit.value)) {
if (!EW_onError(EW_this, EW_this.x_Liability_Limit, "TEXT", "Incorrect integer - Liability Limit"))
return false;
if (EW_this.x_Renewal_Date && !EW_checkeurodate(EW_this.x_Renewal_Date.value)) {
if (!EW_onError(EW_this, EW_this.x_Renewal_Date, "TEXT", "Incorrect date, format = dd/mm/yyyy - Renewal Date"))
return false;
if (EW_this.x_Date_Verified1 && !EW_checkeurodate(EW_this.x_Date_Verified1.value)) {
if (!EW_onError(EW_this, EW_this.x_Date_Verified1, "TEXT", "Incorrect date, format = dd/mm/yyyy - Date Verified"))
return false;
if (EW_this.x_Liability_Limit1 && !EW_checkinteger(EW_this.x_Liability_Limit1.value)) {
if (!EW_onError(EW_this, EW_this.x_Liability_Limit1, "TEXT", "Incorrect integer - Liability Limit"))
return false;
if (EW_this.x_Renewal_Date1 && !EW_checkeurodate(EW_this.x_Renewal_Date1.value)) {
if (!EW_onError(EW_this, EW_this.x_Renewal_Date1, "TEXT", "Incorrect date, format = dd/mm/yyyy - Renewal Date"))
return false;
At the moment, when insurance information is added, an email is sent to one of the administrators to advise them

' Send Email
Dim sSenderEmail, sReceiverEmail
sSenderEmail = "helpdesk@cmpl.com.au" ' sender email
sReceiverEmail = "wwilkins@cmpl.com.au" ' receiver email
If sSenderEmail <> "" And sReceiverEmail <> "" Then
Call LoadEmail("notify.txt")
sEmailFrom = Replace(sEmailFrom, "<!--$From-->", sSenderEmail) ' Replace Sender
sEmailTo = Replace(sEmailTo, "<!--$To-->", sReceiverEmail) ' Replace Receiver
sEmailSubject = Replace(sEmailSubject, "<!--$Subject-->", table & " record inserted") ' Replace Subject
sEmailContent = Replace(sEmailContent, "<!--table-->", table)
sEmailContent = Replace(sEmailContent, "<!--key-->", sKey)
sEmailContent = Replace(sEmailContent, "<!--action-->", "Inserted")
Call Send_Email(sEmailFrom, sEmailTo, sEmailCc, sEmailBcc, sEmailSubject, sEmailContent, sEmailFormat)
End If
End Sub

What I would like to do is somehow have an email sent to the administrator when the due date for the insurance expiry date is within 2 weeks, also need to identify the areas that I can change without messing with the code: ie This email is from “company” for their company insurance update

If anyone can help, I would be extremely happy – I keep putting it on the back burner

10-28-2008, 03:50 PM
If you want to delay sending an email, than you need to build some sort of process on the server that does it. Has nothing to do with JavaScript or JS frameworks.