View Full Version : WebBrowser control (Win32 API)

10-19-2008, 04:07 PM
Is there any web browser control that works with the Win32 API (in C)?

I have used the ActiveX web browser in .net 1.1 before and I know that it should be in ATL but firstly, I tried to make a new Win32 Project (with ATL checked) in Visual Studio 2005 but it crashes when I use AtlAxWinInit() with atl.lib and ATL80.dll and secondly, it requires C++ anyway (not so much of a big deal but I've done the whole rest of the project in C so it seems a bit strange to switch to C++ now, even though all it involves is replacing .c with .cpp and compiling again, as my code all works in both).

So, is there any other web browser control that I can use from a Win32 application (preferably in C)? A static lib would be ideal, as I currently need absolutely no DLLs and distributing dlls is a PITA.