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10-17-2008, 11:06 AM
Hi to all.
I have a question I donts know much about this :confused: hope to be in the righ place, am an old lady, I have a laptop Everex. and I have a big problem. with that thing. is the only thing that I have to do my psp.and documents.its not a luxed laptop but all what I need is to have it working.:rolleyes: I have with the laptop just a year, 6 months ago my antivirus expired and I toll my husband but like many others he download a antivirus named TERMINAtOr:mad: I donts know from where. but with the bad luck that had a virus ,I donts know much about this my laptop started a missbehave and there is all enviromment variables are ereased, and the worse part is I took the laptop to fix and the tech could not do nothing tI open the system and I see that there was hacking that he placed full control. I can not add programs I can not get internet. I have 6 with out useing
and cannot get in there to re writte the Variables please you may laugh but I really need help. what can I do to fix to solve the problem
thanks for any answer..
best regards:p