View Full Version : Dual monitor moveBy not working in IIS6

10-16-2008, 09:55 PM
Programming Language - HTML, JavaScript
Web server : IIS 6
Browser : IE 6 +

I am working in a Dual Monitor screen setup. I have a scenario some times the user move the IE screen from primary monitor to the secondary monitor and close the IE. when they open next time the IE opens in the secondary monitor rather then opening in the primary monitor. I want to make sure when they open my application in IE it should always open in the primary monitor.
The code below is working fine when I place the file in the desktop and opening it. It is properly moving from secondary monitor to the primary monitor. But when I put the same file in IIS, its always opening in the secondary monitor its not at all moving to the primary monitor. I know Client side script is not related to IIS server but still this script is not moving when I place the file in IIS or is there any other way or methods to do this instead of moveBy?
Can anybody help me in this.
Already I tried moveTo also.

function movewindow()
if(window.screenLeft > 1024)
window.moveBy(-window.screenLeft, 0)
<body onload="movewindow()">