View Full Version : JavaScript form inside a regular form, how?

02-20-2003, 06:19 PM
Hey guys,

I like the script found at http://wsabstract.com/script/script2/timestamp.shtml

But I want to have this as just one field of many in my larger form. How do I do this?

That link talks about something like this on the bottom of that page, but I still don't understand. Please help.


Quiet Storm
02-20-2003, 09:58 PM
Maybe you'd have to change each link and match the names of the INPUTs to the ones on the link:

<input type="Text" name="timestamp" value="">
<a href="javascript:show_calendar('document.tstest.timestamp', document.tstest.timestamp.value);">

<input type="Text" name="timestamp2" value="">
<a href="javascript:show_calendar('document.tstest.timestamp2', document.tstest.timestamp.value);">

<input type="Text" name="timestamp3" value="">
<a href="javascript:show_calendar('document.tstest.timestamp3', document.tstest.timestamp.value);">