View Full Version : Mouse Over links (and meshing 2 javascript sources)

10-14-2008, 12:45 AM
I have one javascript that allows me to Mouse Over a link and change text in a pre-determined area. I like this -- I like how it just changes the text as it does (I don't need the link to go to a different webpage).

I also have a navigational menu from another javascript source with a more complex set-up -- it does hierarchical menus plus even a scrolling menus (this comes from the Melonics website).

I would like to transfer the Mouse Over capabilities of the first one to the complex menu system of the second one. I tried "meshing" the 2 scripts and seeing if I could insert the h ref "mouse over" language of the first script into the link tags of the 2nd, but it didn't work.

The link to my Experimental page is below.

Could someone help a newb out and see if it would be possible to make the complex menu system do the javascript change-text mouse over trick.