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09-29-2008, 06:54 AM

I am wanting to develop a shopping cart feature for a friends website and follow up the checkout process with paypal. To sell tshirts and whatnot.

From my current understanding is they want an "add to cart" button and an image will appear in the shopping cart area along with quantities and calculated cost. Then submit this payment to paypal.

I have a couple of questions that if I could get a little insight on would be very helpful.

the first being: is paypal the better option in comparison (I dont seem to understand why a "charity" would want to use something like this, because not all people will have a paypal account).

2. what would a developer charge for something like this (they would like me to give them a quote...tax purposes I believe).


09-29-2008, 05:49 PM
Anyone with a credit card can use PayPal for free (no charge to them).
They can securely enter their information and CC numbers and it's all private ...
They don't need a PayPal account.

The person who is receiving the money DOES need a PayPal account, and they
will pay all of the transaction fees. So if you buy something from me for $100,
you only pay $100, but I will see about $96.40 in my account ... PayPal will take
out 4% for transaction fees.

I recommend you find an existing free shopping cart script and customize it for
your own use. Like CubeCart or OSCommerce ... and others are available.
These systems already have the PayPal gateway built into them, so the scripting
is easy (already done).

By using an existing script, your client does all of the uploading of items and photos.
They use the admin panel to administer the online store. Your job is to install the
PHP/MySQL scripting, configure things, and customize the skins, etc.

For an existing system, I would quote them around $300 ... they do all of the item
photos, descriptions, uploading, etc. If you have to make your own shopping cart,
that's a lot of work ... $500 and up ...

The main thing is how much are they going to do themselves?

They should know that having an online store is as much work as a REAL store.
Item photos, prices, inventory, maintenance, handling shipping, accounts, damaged
items, returned items ... it can be a full-time job for someone.

Show them this post and ask them if they really want to commit themselves to this.

If they spend $500 for you to make their online store, are they going to make it work?
Are they going to run it? Advertise? Control inventory? Satisfy the customers?

Or will they be expecting YOU to do it all for them?

You better get everything in writing before you agree to this.

10-01-2008, 05:34 AM
Thanks mlseim for the tips.

Well...the friend/relative is wanting to break into the web scene as she put it. And really knows very very little. After finding out the people she is working for have been a victim before...(current project wasn't delivered by another person) I had felt it would be in my best interest to be a subcontractor if you will.

So from my understanding is I will just and source code over....and that should be the extent. But I will pass on the tip about online store just as much work as a real store.

Thanks again.