View Full Version : effect.move, scriptaculous, making trigger vanish

09-27-2008, 06:55 PM
As much as i hate to post pleading for help without having first given assistance to someone, i simply had to ask...

i've seen this done elsewhere but usually within a complete image gallery script that i've been unable to rip the logic out of, and i'm also a total noob. so, have a div within a div that i want to scroll sideways with triggers for left and right scroll relative that live in the parent, what i want to happen is for the triggers to disappear when the div has scrolled as far as it can in a given direction, so there are three states it can be in:

div far right, arrow facing right to move div to the left

inbetween, arrows facing both ways to scroll the div left or right

div far left, arrow on left to move div to right

does that make sense? i've seen it done in flash here also:
www.designbridge.com (straight after the intro) which is exactly the behaviour i'm after.

i can kind of pseudo code the logic (could write it in python, noob at that too though). i just want to hide the triggers for scrolling when the moved div is at 0 relative and the max width value for scrolling. from what i know already this would seem to me to be doable with a little script that checks some data from the div when it is loaded and hides shows the relevant triggers based on that data (having said that i could be totally wrong about that)

as all the other noobs here, i'd be really grateful for any help or pointers given. i'm using scriptaculous 1.8.1 and prototype