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Feb 18th, 2003, 10:41 PM
im having problems installing allegro for dev-c++. i got the it to fix mingw32 but when i try "make" it says this:

Compiling Allegro for MinGW32, optimised. Please wait...
gcc -DALLEGRO_SRC -Wall -Wno-unused -mcpu=pentium -O2 -funroll-loops -ffast-math -fomit-frame-pointer -fno-strength-reduce -I. -I./include
-o obj/mingw32/alleg/wddaccel.o -c src/win/wddaccel.c
In file included from src\win\wddraw.h:30,
from src/win/wddaccel.c:23:
c:\devcpp\bin\..\lib\gcc-lib\i386-mingw32msvc\2.95.2\..\..\..\..\include\ddraw.h:153: parse error before `HMONITOR'
c:\devcpp\bin\..\lib\gcc-lib\i386-mingw32msvc\2.95.2\..\..\..\..\include\ddraw.h:154: parse error before `HMONITOR'
make: *** [obj/mingw32/alleg/wddaccel.o] Error 1

i moved all of the files from c:\dxsdk\include\ to c:\devcpp\include\. then i moved all of the lib files too. is there anything else that i need to move that i havent thats causing this. or is it something else i dont know about. or am i just plain screwing up.

Feb 19th, 2003, 06:38 AM
I haven't used allegro with any compiler other than DJGPP, so I'm not sure if I could help. Try going through the readme file again. Probably you missed out setting an environment variable. Also try opening ddraw.h and see if you could find some clue. Compiling from source is almost always a difficult task :).

Feb 20th, 2003, 11:03 PM
A friend of mine last year tried installing Allegro under Windows, and kept having the same problem.

His solution? He booted into Mandrake 8.2 and got it the first time through in Linux :D.

I've never had much luck compiling from source libraries for Windows myself either....