View Full Version : help with averaging numbers .asp

09-25-2008, 09:39 PM
ok so let me first set up what i am working with . . . .

i am building a website and on one of the pages it has 3 boxes where you enter numbers then click a button and it redirectes you to a new page "threenums.asp" where it tells you what the highest of the three numbers is and what the lowest of the three numbers is. i also want it give me the average of the three numbers also.

right now in the .asp page i have all my if statements in <% %> brackets.

now how do i write this averaging code on the .asp page so that it will call it when someone clicks the submit button on the threenums.htm page.

does the code on the .asp page also go into the brackets???

any help would be useful as i am very new with java as well as programming.