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09-14-2008, 02:20 PM
Hi guys, I'm learning how to make a helper function for the attachEvent and addEventListener methods which will take 3 or 2 arguments. I'm a newbie, so im trying to practice this kind of programming to advance my learning...

$e('click', fnction, false);

Is this possible? I want to make my own function which will take 2 or 3 arguments, and test whether addEventListener or the attachEvent is available in the browser.

var $e = function(evnt, fnc, prpgtion) { //i want prpgtion to become optional.

Then I also want to test whether the method is available in the browser, then it will decide which will be used: the addEventListener or attachEvent

I dont know how to make one, please teach me and explain to me how to code this kind of helper function...

var $e = function(evnt, fnction, prpgt) {
var use;
if (typeof this.addEventListener != 'undefined')
use = this.addEventListener(evnt, fnction, prpgt);
} else if(typeof this.attachEvent != 'undefined')
evnt += "on";
use = this.attachEvent(evnt, fnction);
return use;

This is the one that will check the browser, I dont even know if it is correct


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thanks shyam, the link was very helpful