View Full Version : [ANNOUNCE] New JavaScript URI object: b9j.uri

09-12-2008, 11:51 PM
Hi all,

I've implemented a URI object for easy parsing/manipulation. Here is an interactive example:


b9j.uri.URI overview:

* Parses using Steven Levithan's parseUri 1.2
* Easy path traversal (ascend to parent, descend to a child)
* Set or add to the URI query (with proper encoding), get/interrogate the query (with proper decoding)
* Add arbitrary data (unencoded) to the end of the query string, for extra flexibility
* Manipulate/interrogate the scheme, user information (username & password), host, port, fragment, and more in a piecewise fashion
* Add, change or strip the extension (html, js, css, ...) from a given URI