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09-12-2008, 01:29 AM
Hello .

I have a problem with Java script. i have three labels or anchor tags. On clicking each one of them a block is opened. The names of the anchor tags are,
Daily, Master and Compass. On Clicking any one of them, it will display a block and hides the other two blocks.

For example:

When u click on Daily u will see the Daily bloc which hides the Master and Compass block.

When u click on Master u will see the Master block which hides Master ans Compass block.

Same with the Compass.

<td background="graphics/barbkg.gif" width=99% class=fcCalDayFontSmall_gren align=center valign=top>
<div id="fcCompassInput" style="display: none; overflow: none; position: absolute;"><input type=text size=32 value="" name=fcCompassTextInput class=verySmall style="border: 1px solid; padding: 0px 2px 0px 2px;" value="" onkeypress="return handleKeyPressReturnUnfocus(event, this)" onBlur="compassInlineUnfocus();"></div>
<div id=fcTaskBarDaily style="display: block;"><b>Daily</b> | <span id="fcChooseMasterTasks"><a href="javascript:chooseMasterTasks();ppolMainRefreshCalAndTask();">Master</a></span> | <span id="fcChooseCompassTasks"><a href="javascript:chooseCompass();ppolMainRefreshCalAndTask();">Compass</a></span></div>
<div id=fcTaskBarMaster style="display: none;"><span id="fcChooseDailyTasks"><a href="javascript:chooseDailyTasks();ppolMainRefreshCalAndTask();">Daily</a></span> | <b>Master</b> | <span id="fcChooseCompassTasks"><a href="javascript:chooseCompass();ppolMainRefreshCalAndTask();">Compass</a></span></div>
<div id=fcTaskBarCompass style="display: none;"><span id="fcChooseDailyTasks"><a href="javascript:chooseDailyTasks();ppolMainRefreshCalAndTask();">Daily</a></span> | <span id="fcChooseMasterTasks"><a href="javascript:chooseMasterTasks();ppolMainRefreshCalAndTask();">Master</a></span> | <b>Compass</b></div>

Now i can move the task in Daily to the Master. I can do a drag and drop from daily to Master and Master to Daily.

Now when i drag and drop from daily to master or master to daily i have to change the color of anchor(Daily/Master) where it is dropped to.

I hope i made the situation clear.

[b]Finally when i drag and drop on top of a anchor tag i should change its color. The above code shows the anchor tags within div.[b]

Please send your suggestions.

Thanks in Advance.