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09-07-2008, 04:10 AM
i have been told someone here may be able to help ?

this works in i.e but not ff or opera . anyone know of a workaround ?

i need to trigger a flash animation on mouseover of a transparent shape

<a href="#" onmouseover="PlayAudio('Flash1');return false;"><img src="images/index_0002.gif" id="Shape2" align="top" alt="" title="" border="0" width="100" height="100"></a>

no one seems to have an answer for this ,

as i say it works perfectly in internet explorer no problems whatsoever.

heeeelp !

Philip M
09-07-2008, 08:59 AM
The problem doubtess lies in your PlayAudio() script which probably has IE-specific statements in it.

09-07-2008, 12:18 PM
Hi thanks for the reply,

I am wondering if there is an alternative command recognised by other browsers to trigger my flash animation to put in place of PlayAudio perhaps ?


anything like that that may work ?

for example i know that ShowObject works for an image (across all browsers )
just need the right command for triggering a flash animation

Thanks again :)

Philip M
09-07-2008, 12:32 PM
Have a look at:-