View Full Version : Setting Focus on the Anchor tags

09-05-2008, 06:28 PM
I want to set focus on the anchor tag. Can anybody help me in this regard. I am new to javascript.

The following is my anchor tag.

out.println( "<a href='#' class='ppolSmallLink' onclick=\"Toggle('quickCreateAddress');\">Create New Address <img src=\"graphics/arrow_btn.gif\" border=0></a>" );

On clicking this anchor tag a table with certain fields will be displayed. Actually the table is there in the div tag.(HERE THE PAGE DOES NOT REFRESH ON CLOCKING THE ANCHOR TAG)

The div tag is as follows

<div id=quickCreateAddress style="display: <%=showCreateAddress%>; ">
<%=AddressUtil.renderQuickAdd( _ahsPage, page_url, id, cust.accessControlCanUpdate(_ahsPage) )%>
<img src="graphics/z0.gif" width=320 height=1>

Please let me know if any suggestions.

Thanks in Advance