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02-17-2003, 12:54 PM

I have been a web designer for a couple of years now and have always worked on Unix with CGI/Perl scripts for my special needs!

I am at the stage where I now need to overhaul my web sites and make them as self supporting as possible....that is to say I can't keep up with updating daily with my Web Builder in HTML....then FTP onto the live system etc etc..I want my users to be able to update themselves without creating new HTML pages.

I can see that *.asp would be a perfect solution but I want to stay with Unix and continue to use some of my CGI/Perl skills.

Would *.php be my ideal solution

02-17-2003, 01:50 PM
lol depends who you ask ;)

if you ask me yes PHP would be the ideal solution, if you want to stay on *NIX then its gotta be PHP/JSP/CFM ,

CFM is probably the easist but the server costs $$
JSP is (IMO) slow but if you have a decent IDE can be quick to implement + JSP hosts are hard to find.

PHP, my choice, is easy to use, but powerful enough for almost any situation, and hosting is cheap and everywhere.

There are as of yet no point and click type IDE's for PHP though (not any good ones anyway) , but if you are happy enough hacking PERL then PHP will be a breeze.

Most of the work I do now is user-administration/self-administration related and there is nothing you can not do with PHP in that regard.

PHP also lets you use JAVA objects if required and if .NET ever gets ported to *NIX then there is already an experimental dotnet module.

My advice would be to go over to hotscripts.com and check oout some of the PHP apps there to
a) show you what PHP can do &
b) give you some code to play around with.

And if you can stay away from the dark-side then thats gotta be a good move ;)

02-17-2003, 06:09 PM
Thanks for the advise......I really dont want to go over to the dark side if I don't have to.

I am a hotscripts regular and shall be poking around there for the next 3 months, already quite engrossed in a few tutorials.

...are there any common, available scripts that you are aware of for:

using the same form to write text files to the database and then be able to call them back to view them, through a hyperlink such as <back | forward>

Thanks for your help!

02-18-2003, 07:06 AM

Try and get some free hosting first. Then see which method you prefer.

Personal opinion:
PHP is so easy to use. PHP is straight forward. If you know javascript and perl and html, then php will be a breeze.

By using ASP, you will no longer be our friends! :p

I just made your decision a whole lot tougher huh? :D