View Full Version : virtual sound card?

08-31-2008, 03:44 PM
Hi, I'm an beginner/intermediate programmer but i'm willing to learn as much as i need to. my project is this, i want to make a virtual sound card. What it would do is just save the audio instead of sending it to the speakers through my physical sound card. It must preserve the stereo formatting of the audio. Quality loss is another issue. the way it would know when to stop recording to one file and start recording to another would be if there was at least a couple seconds of silence. the problem, i have no ideas how to make the virtual sound card.

any type of help would be appreciated. I'd rather get information and links etc. rather than just plain source code though, as i would like to learn. thanks.

ralph l mayo
09-01-2008, 08:49 AM
There is free software called Audacity that can do this (record whatever sound is playing). There isn't any quality loss because it catches the audio when it's still digital PCM. I don't know that it does the automatic new file on silence thing, but either way you should consider looking at it.

Maybe it will work for you, or maybe you can modify it to suit your needs more easily than you could build an application from scratch. In the worst case at least you could look at the source code to see how they did some things, although there will be a lot to go through that isn't specifically related to your problem.