View Full Version : Checkbox not working

08-27-2008, 04:19 PM
I have a multi-page form that I needed to add a checkbox to for online registration. If checked then show the link, if not then don't show the link. Here is the code on page 3 for the session:

Session("Online_Reg") = CBool( Trim(Request("ckbox")) <> "" )
objRS.fields("online_reg") = Session("chap") + request.form("mnth") + request.form("day") + request.form("year")

Then on Page 6 I have this code:
If objrs("Online_Reg") <> "" then

jmail.appendHTML "<tr><td width=""407""><p align=""center""><font face=""Arial"" size=""2""> " _
& "<a href=""http://www.ficpa.org/public/Catalog/CourseDetails.aspx?courseID=08" & objrs("online_reg") & """ " _
& " target=""_blank"">Click here to register online with your credit card</a>"
end if

When you click submit it emails the finished form. Right now it doesn't matter if you check the box or not the link is always there. What do I need to do for it to work correctly? Any help would be appreciated!