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08-25-2008, 04:23 PM
I want to add buttons for my site that can zoom whole page (both text and images) including my left and right frames. I see ie7 ff and opera uses crtl and + to zoom in, is there a script that emulate this ctrl + and ctrl - function so without adding codes to thousands of page, visitors can zoom in and zoom out via clicking buttons on one of my frame (the code will be on the left frame and when clicked it will zoom the whole page including right frame).

Philip M
08-25-2008, 05:25 PM
Have a look at:-


It is your responsibility to die() if necessary….. - PHP Manual

08-25-2008, 06:21 PM
Thanks but how to add a button in order to visitors use it?

And how to add <BODY onLoad="changeFontSize(0, 0, true);"> line. I tried several combinations but all gives error. I think it should be like this?

<BODY onLoad="changeFontSize(0, 0, true);">
<SCRIPT src="zoom.js"></SCRIPT>



NOTE: This function may works with only Internet Explorer 5.5 or greaters and Mozilla browsers

First download the compressed code to your PC. Please unCompress it.

1 . Easy to use, simply add this line

<SCRIPT src="zoom.js"></SCRIPT>

to anywhere in your HTML code (between and tags is recommended). And this line

<BODY onLoad="changeFontSize(0, 0, true);">

into your BODY tag.
TIP: You should use the button, not hotkey on other browser.

Philip M
08-25-2008, 06:46 PM
This should be in the <head> section:-

<SCRIPT src="zoom.js"></SCRIPT>

08-25-2008, 07:03 PM
Still error on page and no sign of a button.
I think button must be added to code but I don't know how to.