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08-21-2008, 06:23 AM
I need a code to load an external page with auto-refresh

Philip M
08-21-2008, 08:21 AM
Put this line at the top of the page you wish to refresh :

<meta http-equiv=refresh content="X; URL=/..../index.html">

Replace X with an integer representing the number of seconds before the refresh.

The URL can be a path on the local computer or a link like http://www.thatothersite/index.html

For a JavaScript method (which naturally only works if JavaScript is enabled) see:-


Many users find automatic page-shunting to be very annoying. They prefer to surf the web at their own speed, under their own control, and resent sites that take this control away from them by moving them on to a new page at a speed chosen by the page author rather than when the user follows a link. Maybe the user wants more time to read the text or view the graphics on the first page before going on to the next one, or maybe he or she is bored with the page and wants to move on right away, not wait 30 seconds for the refresh to move on.

If you've scrolled down in a long page, while reading it or while you've left the page in your browser while you went and did something else, it's annoying to find you've been placed back at the beginning of the page because it reloaded on you.

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