View Full Version : URGENT! XML IE7, Safari problem... encoding?

08-11-2008, 06:43 PM
Hi All,

I have an XML file that works great in Firefox, but refuses to function in IE or Safari. I've tried UTF-8 for encoding, but it doesn't seem to work with things like &. The encoding ISO-8869-1 works in Firefox, but not IE or Safari. Does anyone have a fix for this?

Here's my links to my code:
HTML page: http://www.gtc.edu/virtualopenhouse/voh.htm
XML: http://www.gtc.edu/virtualopenhouse/alltherest.xml
DTD: http://www.gtc.edu/virtualopenhouse/dtd.xsd
JavaScript: http://www.gtc.edu/virtualopenhouse/loadXML.js

08-11-2008, 07:29 PM
Ok... maybe it isn't an XML problem... Please disregard. I think it may be a javascript issue... though I'm not sure why it only gives me an error in IE and Safari, but works in FF.