View Full Version : Can't seem to change font when using content viewer

08-05-2008, 09:32 PM
I'm trying to use the following fade in content viewer:


Everything works great except that I can't seem to change the font of the content divs no matter what I do. I can change the color of the font but it seems the css "font" tag itself doesn't work anymore.

I can change the font of the pagination links just fine.

Is there something in that code I'm missing that's preventing me from changing the font?

08-05-2008, 10:10 PM
Try being more specific and use 'font-family' because I don't see any code that declares what the font should be

08-06-2008, 12:10 AM
I don't see anything that would affect the font either, but for some reason it's still not working.

I'm using the exact code from the tutorial page. I want to change the font of all the content divs to 10pt Verdana to match the rest of the website.

The CSS I have now is (this is added to the default CSS from the exemple)

.fadecontent {
font: 10pt Verdana, sans-serif;
color: green;

This makes the text green but the font doesn't change to 10pt verdana. It's the css code I use for the rest of the site and it works as it's supposd to in any other divs but the ones that load with the fade in viewer thing.

Any ideas?

08-06-2008, 12:20 AM
Try changing it to

.fadecontent {
font-family:Verdana, sans-serif;
color: green;

08-06-2008, 12:27 AM
Thank you for your help, unfortunately it still won't change from the default font you can see on the exemple.

It's like it ignores any kind of font related CSS command. The weirdest part is that it works fine for the navigation. I changed each "page" link with no issues at all. Only the content seems stuck in that courrier looking font at whatever size that is!

08-06-2008, 04:41 AM
Could you please provide a link to the page in question.

08-06-2008, 05:40 AM
Well, I figured it out... I was using a <center> code in the html to center the title of each section and apparently that was causing the problem...

I really dont get why but it was..