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07-29-2008, 02:03 AM
what im trying to achieve is a single frame content area that has a 250px wide slide in/slide out left frame that will hold any content that hovers OVER the main page using mouse activity to trigger it

I've search around and found quasi appropriate solutions but nothing that actually works that way i want it

im open to any suggestions

07-29-2008, 09:43 PM
You're talking about HTML frames, as in the <frame> element, right? If so, you're going to have a hard time finding a "slide in/slide out" frame. I've never seen a <frame> element animated like that, and on top of that, <frame>s are deprecated by the w3c. Many current javascript coders like to adhere to the current web standards, and some (like me) won't consider participating in something that goes against our holy doctrine (the w3c) :p.

However, having said that, here's a nice solution that does what you want, I think. I've actually used it before: http://www.mibhouse.org/pokemon_jojo/dev/test-pbbsidebar.html. If needed, you could have it dynamically load AJAX content depending on what you need, making it function like an iframe but much better.

07-29-2008, 10:24 PM
actually... a div that is positioned off screen could be made to slide in and out like he wants. give it the right z index to be on top and you're done.

i'm trying to remember where i saw it done... i'll see if i can look it up. it had some good examples.

07-29-2008, 10:55 PM
@ohgod: thats what im thinking

07-29-2008, 11:51 PM
@binaryweapon: the only issue with that solution is that the DIV is created with a class and not an ID so it's a real PITA to add content to it

07-30-2008, 10:57 AM
<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN"

<html xmlns="http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml" xml:lang="en" lang="en">

<script language="JavaScript" type="text/javascript">
// Basic Element Animator (13-March-2008) DRAFT
// by Vic Phillips http://www.vicsjavascripts.org.uk

// To progressively change the Left, Top, Width, Height or Opacity of an element over a specified period of time.

// **** Application Notes

// **** The HTML Code
// when moving an element the inline or class rule style position of the element should be assigned as
// 'position:relative;' or 'position:absolute;'
// The element would normally be assigned a unique ID name.

// **** Executing the Effect(Script)
// The effect is executed by an event call to function 'zxcBAnimator('left','tst1',20,260,2000);'
// where:
// parameter 0 = the mode(see Note 1). (string)
// parameter 1 = the unique ID name or element object. (string or element object)
// parameter 2 = the start position of the effect. (digits, for opacity minimum 0, maximum 100)
// parameter 3 = the finish position of the effect. (digits, for opacity minimum 0, maximum 100)
// parameter 4 = (optional) period of time between the start and finish of the effect in milliseconds. (digits or defaults to 2000 milliSeconds)
// Note 1: The default units(excepting opacity) are 'px'.
// Note 2: Examples modes: 'left', 'top', 'width', 'height', 'opacity.
// For hyphenated modes, the first character after the hyphen must be upper case, all others lower case.
// Note 3: To 'toggle' the effect include '#' in parameter 0.
// The first call will set the toggle parameters.
// Subsequent calls with '#' in parameter 0 and the same start and finish parameters will 'toggle' the effect.
// Note 4: The function may be re-executed with a different set of parameters (start/finish time or period)
// whenever required, say from an onclick/mouseover/out event.
// The period parameter will be retained unless re-specified.
// **** Advanced Applications
// It may be required to access the current value of the effect.
// The element effect is accessible from the element property
// element effect = elementobject[mode.replace(/[-#]/g,'')+'oop'];
// where mode is parameter 0 of the initial call.
// An array storing the current, start and finish values of the element effect may be accessed
// from the element effect.data as fields 0, 1 and 2 respectively

// **** General
// All variable, function etc. names are prefixed with 'zxc' to minimise conflicts with other JavaScripts.
// These characters may be changed to characters of choice using global find and replace.
// The Functional Code(about 2K) is best as an External JavaScript.
// Tested with IE7 and Mozilla FireFox on a PC.

// **** Functional Code - NO NEED to Change

function zxcBAnimator(zxcmde,zxcobj,zxcsrt,zxcfin,zxctime){
if (typeof(zxcobj)=='string'){ zxcobj=document.getElementById(zxcobj); }
if (!zxcobj||(!zxcsrt&&!zxcfin)) return;
var zxcoop=zxcobj[zxcmde.replace(/[-#]/g,'')+'oop'];
if (zxcoop){
if (zxcoop.srtfin[0]==zxcsrt&&zxcoop.srtfin[1]==zxcfin&&zxcmde.match('#')) zxcoop.update([zxcoop.data[0],(zxcoop.srtfin[0]==zxcoop.data[2])?zxcfin:zxcsrt],zxctime);
else zxcoop.update([zxcsrt,zxcfin],zxctime);
else zxcobj[zxcmde.replace(/[-#]/g,'')+'oop']=new zxcBAnimatorOOP(zxcmde,zxcobj,zxcsrt,zxcfin,zxctime);

function zxcBAnimatorOOP(zxcmde,zxcobj,zxcsrt,zxcfin,zxctime){

if (zxcsrtfin[0]==zxcsrtfin[1]) return;
this.srttime=new Date().getTime();

var zxcms=new Date().getTime()-this.srttime;
if (this.mde!='left'&&this.mde!='top'&&this.data[0]<0) this.data[0]=0;
if (this.mde!='opacity') this.obj.style[this.mde]=this.data[0]+'px';
else this.opacity(this.data[0]);
if (zxcms<this.time) this.to=setTimeout(function(zxcoop){return function(){zxcoop.cng();}}(this), 10);
else {
if (this.mde!='opacity') this.obj.style[this.mde]=this.data[0]+'px';
else this.opacity(this.data[0]);

if (zxcopc<0||zxcopc>100){ return; }

<script language="JavaScript" type="text/javascript">

function zxcSlide(zxcid,zxcspd,zxcud){
var zxcobj=document.getElementById(zxcid);
if (!zxcobj.leftoop){
else {


<div id="tst" style="position:absolute;z-Index:101;left:-230px;top:50px;width:250px;height:250px;background-Color:red;"



07-31-2008, 07:07 PM
this is actually what im looking for to the 'T'


i had to use site id is 2, login and pw are demo (http://www.smartertools.com/SmarterStats/Demo.aspx)

you see how the left side collapses but has a 'gripper' on it so to speak