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07-21-2008, 01:02 AM
Hey guys, for some reason my FAQ page links are not jumping down to the right points on the page. This has never happened to me before, and I use anchors a lot. Any ideas?




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<h2 class="title">&nbsp; Frequently Asked Questions<br/>&nbsp; <img src="trans/faq.gif" alt="faq" /></h2>

<p><i>Here is a list of FAQs. If you've got a question of your own, please feel free to <a href="contact.shtml">email</a> and ask it.</i></p>

<a href="#galleries">Why aren't the galleries showing up for me?</a><br/>

<a href="#1">I downloaded and installed the font properly, so why is it giving me trouble?</a><br/>

<a href="#11">How do I produce the special characters with the Xilon font?</a><br/>

<a href="#2">Can I buy prints of these images?</a><br/>

<a href="#3">I'd like to use one/some of these images for nonprofit purposes. Is that okay?</a><br/>

<a href="#5">What are your policies on linking?</a><br/>

<a href="#8">Why can't just anyone upload artwork?</a><br/>

<a href="#7">I've got stories or thoughts inspired by the concept; can I submit those instead of actual art?</a><br/>

<a href="#9">For contributing artists, are there restrictions on image content?</a><br/>

<a href="#4">Do you have a mailing list or RSS feed? How can I receive updates?</a><br/>

<a href="#6">I have some suggestions for how to improve the site. Where can I send them?</a><br/>


<a name="galleries"></a>

<p>Why aren't the galleries showing up for me?</p>

<p>The galleries are run on Javascript Lightbox, so to view them properly, you need to have Java installed and enabled. Most people already do, since it's a common necessity for many websites. If for some reason you don't have Java installed or enabled, or aren't sure if you do, simply google the info and take the necessary, very easy steps to get it running.</p>


<a name="1"></a>

<p class="faq">I downloaded and installed the font properly, so why is it giving me trouble?</p>

<p>Unfortunately, due to the way the font was created, it requires a bit of an extra kick to get it looking just right. Once you've decided on a font size, you'll need to adjust the character tracking so that the letters are properly spaced. When that's done, most of the characters will fall together with no problem. Certain letters (F, I, K, R, S, T, U, Y) require an extra space added in before the following character. It's a bit of a pain at first but once you get the hang of it, it's quite easy to make the adjustments.</p>


<a name="11"></a>

<p class="faq">How do I produce special characters with the Xilon font?</p>

<p>Easy enough ... lif = the pound sign (#), ryx = quotation mark ("), saen = ampersand (&), kal = period (.), jks = question mark (?). Enjoy.</p>


<a name="2"></a>

<p class="faq">Can I buy prints of these images?</p>

<p>This is strictly a nonprofit online gallery, so regrettably, there are no prints for sale. However, there are links to view and download large, high res versions of each image. Additionally, some individual artists may have prints of their images for sale, so you are always welcome to inquire about a particular render and we will let you know for sure.</p>


<a name="3"></a>

<p class="faq">I'd like to use one/some of these images for nonprofit purposes. Is that okay?</p>

<p>As much as we would like for people to share their interest in this site, images may not be used without permission. All images, concepts and stories found on this site are copyrighted works; therefore, you must legally speak to the artist/designer first, even for nonprofit use. Please view the <a href="legal.shtml">legal section</a> for further details.</p>


<a name="5"></a>

<p class="faq">What are your policies on linking?</p>

<p>You are welcome to provide actual links (ie. "http://siteaddress.com/image.jpg") anywhere you please, as long as you are not violating the policies outlined in the <a href="legal.shtml">legal</a> section. However, you absolutely may not hotlink to anything on this site (ie. directly display an image from here on your own page as "img src="tigersjunkyard.com/xilon/image.jpg").</p>


<a name="8"></a>

<p class="faq">Why can't just anyone upload artwork?</p>

<p>Because this isn't a general user-based art community. It is a visual-narrative experience depicting an original, fictitious region of space. The stories and artwork here all work together as a collaborative whole, to tell a story and give outside viewers a look at this unique place. If just anyone uploaded their work without moderation, it may or may not properly depict the concept and the point of the site would likely become moot.</p>


<a name="7"></a>

<p class="faq">I've got some stories or thoughts inspired by the concept; can I submit those instead of actual art?</p>

<p>If you're interested in the material but are not much of an artist, yet you have an idea in your head for either a narrative backstory that falls under the "Stories & Myths" section, or even a suggested scene for contributing artists to consider, you are certainly welcome to get in touch and send it over.</p>


<a name="9"></a>

<p class="faq">For contributing artists, are there restrictions on image content?</p>

<p>No, not in the traditional sense. Nudity or even pornographic scenes are acceptable, as well as any form of coupling, whether straight or gay...however, we insist that all images here have substance. So gratuitous nudity or sexual situations are generally looked down upon, not because we've got an inherent problem with them, but because they bore us unless they're part of a bigger story within the image. If adult situations are required as an integral part of the scene that the image is capturing, then they are perfectly welcome. But nudity and sex just for the sake of it are pointless and overdone, and don't lend much to the overall story that this site is telling.</p>


<a name="4"></a>

<p class="faq">Do you have a mailing list or RSS feed? How can I receive updates?</p>

<p>Since this is not an open submission forum, updates are far from overwhelming, though they do occur as contributing artists get new ideas here and there. You can simply check the <a href="newart.shtml">new image additions</a> section now and then to see what else has been added to the galleries. Keep an eye on the <a href="news.shtml">news section</a> as well for additional updates.</p>


<a name="6"></a>

<p class="faq">I have some suggestions for how to improve the site. Where can I send them?</p>

<p>You may contact <a href="contact.shtml">Reese</a> with any suggestions.</p>








07-21-2008, 01:16 AM
this links?



07-21-2008, 01:34 AM
Instead of <a name="galleries"></a> use <a id="galleries"></a>. You have to use the 'id' attribute with xhtml.

07-23-2008, 08:03 PM
Thanks! All sorted out now!