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07-17-2008, 01:27 PM
Hi there, after doing some research, I realised to create a dynamic page I can use CGI or PHP, for the purposes I need the site to do. This website is going to have a lot of myspace like features to it and I realised that they use CGI on their website by looking at their addresses, but I was told that PHP would be used in my case. I am slightly confused as to which one should I be learning (or both of them), what the differences are between the two and in what kind of situations do they differ in their usage.


07-17-2008, 01:58 PM
PHP along with MySQL offers the most support, assistance, and information
available on the internet. Although CGI (Which is not a programming language ...
the real programming language they mean is "Perl"), is very powerful, PHP has
proven to be the more popular and easiest to use.

Perl is best for high power business applications. Perl's file and data processing
abilities and speed make it the best for UNIX/Linux server applications. Perl files
are stored in your "cgi-bin" directory, that's why it's commonly called CGI. CGI is a
Gateway Interface ... a data transfer protocol, not a language.

PHP on the other hand, was designed more for actual web page scripting, and for
creating dynamic pages on-the-fly. PHP became a great match with MySQL, and
there's a ton of documentation and support, making it the best choice for what
you want to do.

Learn PHP and MySQL, but know that Perl is a great programming language and you'll
find many similarities. If you learn ANY programming language (BASIC, C++, PHP, Perl),
you'll be putting yourself in a good spot for website development. It's more about the
concepts ... variables, file functions, commands, operations of programming than the
language itself.