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Judgment Day
07-07-2008, 06:29 AM
As we approach what will become a new browser war in the many months to come, I need to know exactly how much longer will we continue (need) to style for Internet Explorer 6.

I work at an IT advertising company and I brought this up to a few of my employees. While they still think beyond IE8, FF3, etc will still have IE6 users, the need to do this as a part of our jobs may come an end around late 2009, maybe early 2010. My personal opinion is that made a wrong (but somewhat legitimate) push for IE7 by letting only authorized Windows users to download the program. I'm hoping that they'll make a smarter push for IE8. Also, XP support will be ending in a few months from what I heard, and Vista starts off with 7 for purchasers of new PCs.

Let me know if I'm somewhat on target, or if there's another consensus (theory) that I'm unaware of. Heaven forbid we continue to code for this browser going into any sort of anniversary :mad: Thanks everyone.