View Full Version : Columnchart linearaxis maximum problems

07-01-2008, 07:43 PM
I'm trying to bring data into a Flex 3 app from an external XML file and have it be the dataProvider of a columnChart. Currently, the chart builds fine the way I am doing it, but when I do a "get" on the chart's linearAxis minimum, computedMinimum, maximum or computedMaximum properties, i get either 0 or 100 returned...as if the axis is not getting any data and it is using the default values. (Again, chart builds correctly with v axis containing min and max based on the data).

If I switch the same chart's dataProvider over to a hardcoded ArrayCollection the minimum, computedMinimum, maximum and computedMaximum properties report back correctly.

Does anyone know why the linearAxis properties would behave differently depending on its dataProvider?

Any insights would be greatly appreciated!!