View Full Version : Looking for small flash job [for hire]

06-27-2008, 08:32 PM
I will design logos, simple flash animations, and basic flash sites (nothing all that fancy, though check if i can do it we may have different definitions of fancy)

I don't have a portfolio up at the moment, as soon as i get good quality work up i'll be sure to display it (no little odjobs like i've been doing)

Like all flash designers prices are negotiable , it depends on the amount and type of work involved.

I hope to do it fairly cheap so PM me if your interested, These are my terms of service, i just wrote them up so i'm free to do a rewrite if you don't like some of the terms

Upon completement of services and payment, all files file extensions folders used to create\compile the resulting files/folders/extensions' rights will be handed over to the buyer, with the exception of items already licenced under GNU any other variant allowing commercial use of the specified resources. Although the resources\files used to create and compile will be handed over, those under GNU or any other licence allowing commercial use, the buyer will not hold explicit rights to do to the nature of GNU and other variants.

If any of the above looks "murky" or undefined, either don't accept or work out separate definitions\rewrites of the service agreement

Thanks for your time everybody