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06-24-2008, 03:21 PM
I have an html form that when clicked on send...
It should open the greybox (http://www.orangoo.com/labs/GreyBox) and run the microwhois.php script.
I have been trying to pass it by POST or GET and did not get it to work.
Any suggestions would be really appreciate it.

this is what i have so far...

<form action="dominios.php" method="GET" name="domain"
target="gb_form" onSubmit="return gb_form(this.name)" >
<input class="input1" name="domainname" type="text"
value="" />
<select name="dominio" class="select2">
<option value="com" >.com</option>
<option value="net">.net</option>
<option value="org">.org</option>
<option value="info">.info</option>
<option value="all">Todos</option>
<div style="clear:both; height:63px; font-size:0px"></div>
<div align="right" style="padding-right:18px">
<input type="image" src="images/check.gif" name="submitBtn2"
value="Check" />

And the dominios.php contains the following:

[ code]if (isset($_GET['submitBtn2'])){
$domainbase = (isset($_GET['domainname'])) ?
$_GET['domainname'] : '';
$d_all = (isset($_GET['dominio']) && $_GET['dominio'] ==
'all' ) ? 'all' : '';
$d_com = (isset($_GET['dominio']) && $_GET['dominio'] ==
'com' ) ? 'com' : '';
$d_net = (isset($_GET['dominio']) && $_GET['dominio'] ==
'net' ) ? 'net' : '';
$d_org = (isset($_GET['dominio']) && $_GET['dominio'] ==
'org' ) ? 'org' : '';
$d_info = (isset($_GET['dominio']) && $_GET['dominio'] ==
'info' ) ? 'info' : ''; }[/code]

and some more code...
Is there a way to fix this?

Thanks in advance!

06-24-2008, 03:49 PM
Well, since it doesn't even work correctly on their own page, that doesn't bode well for making it work elsewhere. Also, I'm unable to find gb_form on that site, and it looks like all of the usage examples use anchor tags.

06-24-2008, 07:48 PM
I did it according to http://groups.google.com/group/greybox/browse_thread/thread/47bd060fd81eb9eb
thats why you cant find much on their website...

But if you or anybody else has another way...
that would still be good..

Mad Mouser
06-24-2008, 09:19 PM
<input type="image" src="images/check.gif" name="submitBtn2"
value="Check" />

I'm not sure, but when using an image submit button, I don't think you can set the value equal to anything, as it is intrinsically set to "submit". Try removing the value attribute and seeing if it works.


06-25-2008, 08:55 AM
Mad Mouser:

I have already tried that and still no success :(
Any other ideas?