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02-06-2003, 04:02 PM
Okay here goes:

I have a login script that currently polls the database every time someone logs in. When you create an account as well, it polls through the database and verifies that someone with that name does not already exist. Not that there is anything wrong with doing that but originally this login script was going to be used as a way for admins, supervisors, teachers, parents, and students to login simultaneously. We have 12,000 students and a little over 1000 teachers in our program. Currently, I have a DateDiff command that also polls the database to see if they are logged in or not by taking the difference from the last login to the time Now(). Now the question:

If 2000 people log in at the same time or 2000 people are creating accounts, what will the reaction time for the server to react? I am thinking the threshold of the server will be affected, possibly shutting down. Thatís 2000 polls to the database at the same time requesting either a login or create script. Right now my methods are on the beginner level. I am using a Request.Query string to handle the entire authentication for this to work. The Request.Query string basically polls the database to verify that user exists then continues onto the default.asp. I was wondering if there was anyway someone could walk me thru creating another method for logging in instead of using the Request object.

Can you use Sessions and if so could you provide a code example? I attached the sample parts of the login script anybody to look at.

Thank you for your help in advance, Phillip Ewing

02-06-2003, 07:57 PM
I'm fairly certain that session variables use a LOT of resources, so request.querystring is much better if you are concerned with bandwidth and processor power.

Without knowing the specifics, I wouldn't think 2000 out of 12000 people would ever be using the system all at the same time. That is an extremely high percentage. And even if 2000 people are using the system, unless they are constantly hitting the database, there will be large gaps in between. If they only hit the database every few minutes, that cuts down the number of people requesting/sending data significantly.

02-07-2003, 12:40 AM
Heh, what arnyinc said. That's almost exactly what I sent you in the email. ;)

02-09-2003, 09:08 AM

I did not recieve the e-mail you sent. What address did you send it to??

whammy and arnyinc,
My manager is worried that we might have to beef up the server to accomodate the polls. Does SQL handle field polls differently than Access?? How does the code change going from Access to SQL? Is there an online resource I can use (other than MSDN resources, please, they do not help me that much, only confuse me) or that you can point me too.

Thanks again for your help in this, Phillip