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06-15-2008, 10:17 AM

can any of you help me in finding out the solution for the following requirements.
i have an sso protected site .at aplication level time out is 1hr.after 1 hour the session times out. but i want to keep ste alive for 8 hours.

For this the following approach is designed.

1.when the user logs in, a new child window is opened and it should be opened for 8 hours.it should refresh the parent window in the periodic intervals say 55 mins once.

But the problem here is

Even when the main window is closed( session should be tracked)i.e when the user logs again in he should be kept alive for the remaining time.

I can not achive this.

Questions that arise are

1.Can a child windows parent window can be replaced with the new parent window with the same one so that when i close the [arent for the first time and when i agian login, the opened child window should identify the newly opened window as parent.

Pleasepost me the your ideas on this approach...