View Full Version : A few PDF questions

06-12-2008, 10:06 PM
I was hoping there are a few PDF Adobe Acrobat/LiveCycle gurus that could help me on a few issues I am having putting some PDF forms together.

1. How do you enable it so that the user can save the PDF form with the fields filed in locally on their computer and then work on it later, upload it, print, etc.?

2(A). How do you make a form email to multiple users? I checked their support site for this question and there were several suggestions, though none of them worked for me, and none of them seemed to work for those replying on their own support forum. I think part of the problem is that the people offering advice do not actually take step by step through the process, for example one of the examples was to use JavaScript, yet they do not show you how to implement JavaScript within the PDF and another example suggested using a regular button and then altering the settings but they are vague about everything you need to actually do.

2(B). Also for emailing through PDF files, is there something special the user has to have setup on their computer locally? An email client for example i.e. Groupwise MS Outlook? Does Outlook actually have to be setup or does it just sent throught the Internet? I attempted to setup Outlook to test this but I got lost when it started asking me about POP3 addresses without telling me how or where to get such information, I doubt the average computer user is going to have a clue what the heck that is either (I know you get those with your own website, if you have a mail system, but the average computer user just has an ISP).

06-13-2008, 10:32 PM
OK, I found out how to get everything working now, except one a few remaining issues: how do you send out to more then one email upon submit of the PDF forum (I need to send the form to about 9-seperate email addresses) and what is the correct format to sent it as so that the email client can actually read the attachment?

For future note: to achieve this you need at least Acrobat Professional version 8 for emailing you need to use the "Distribute" button within the LiveCycle program and to enable PDF field saving you need to use the advanced menu within the Acrobat program and then "Enable Usage Rights in Adobe Reader".