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06-06-2008, 08:09 PM
I'm working with server space that has no scripting abilities with the school I work at. It's a password protected site hosted on our own server space. They might make changes with this, but not in the next year, and I really want to get started with some projects to show how well the ideas work. This makes things difficult when I try to do anything advanced that I've done before, but requires scripting beyond HTML, JavaScript, etc.

What I'm currently trying to do is create a form that will allow for multiple e-mail submissions. Sending an e-mail to preprogrammed accounts (3 of them), and also messages to e-mail accounts that are typed in (the autoresponse). There's two different processes that need this set up for scheduling purposes for testing. One to request the date/time, and then the other for details. I'd need all of the information entered in on both forms to be sent to people who work at the school, and then an autoresponse. Another catch is that the second form, with scheduling details, would also need to be able to be sent to an additional e-mail address that's typed in, if possible (so when multiple people are making the request, the information can be sent along automatically instead of needing to be forwarded). Is there any free program that would host the script, but have the form be on my site that offers all or most of these features? I'm finding some that sound good, but will only send to one programmed in e-mail address and the autoresponse.

Basically, I'm trying to simplify a process that requires students to come in to the office to pick up a form and schedule a date for the test, then bring the form to someone to check off additional details for testing (like what items the student is able to use, how the test will be delivered) and sign off on it, and then have the student bring the form back to the office. I thought giving students a link to fill out the request, and when we get the request in, sending a link to the teacher to fill out a form on testing details, with those details being sent to both the office and the student, would save on time and would make students more likely to plan in advance. I know how I'd do this on my own server space with the ability to use scripting, but I'm more limited at work and would really prefer something free to test out to see if this is a better process for everyone involved.

Thanks in advance for any names of free services that you'd recommend, or any other ideas on how to get around this! My only other option that I know of would be to use JavaScript and have it open their e-mail account to send the file, but that would only work if they had the school accounts set up to work with those links.

06-06-2008, 08:17 PM
I'd suggest using some web hosting on the internet where you can use the tools you need such as server side scripting. You can still restrict access to it pretty easily. Then once you can show that the ideas work, maybe they'll give you the tools you need on the LAN.

Though, you wouldn't by chance know what type of web server they have you on now? Is this a server that the school has? The reason I ask is that for example if it is on Windows with IIS, you might have ASP Classic support unless they went out of their way to disable it. Or even ASP .net support.