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06-04-2008, 12:00 AM
Project name:
(UnNamed as of Yet)

Brief description:
(Unnamed Project) is the first Online Multiplayer Racing Roleplaying Game of it's kind. Begin by creating your character and advancing up the ranks as your Racing Career progresses. Play against other users as you compete in a massive racing world filled with a RPG theme. Open up your own Garage , collect items in your toolbox, and race multiplayer challenges. Wheter you strive to become the highest paid driver or the most experienced, the choice is yours in this brand new racing rpg concept game.

===Key Features===

-Character Creation/Profile
-Living Space/Garage that's upgradable
-Large City w/ Unlockable Sectors
-Free Roam City – Drive (and walk?); w/ hidden items not listen on web based UI.
ex: 'For Sale' Cars on side of roads
-Muliple Race Types
*Head2Head - Drag, Circuit
*Time/Point Based - Drift, Circuit
*Practice - AutoCross (Parking lot with cones)
-Job mini games (?)
-Able to buy, sell, and upgrade items
*Auction House made available through computer in "My Garage"
-SOME Usable purchasable items (items for custom layout of garage, or items for toolbox)
*Car Jack
*Engine Crane
*Screw Drivers
*Shop Vac

Target aim:
Role-Playing Racing Simulation
(Free, with Optional Points Buying Feature)

Offering a Dividend/Perentage of all profits, and will agreed to a certain amount of pay that will be given, regardless of site success or failure. Can sign a contract with programmer before any work is done, on agreed percentage/amount if site fails.

Online Multiplayer PHP Web Based w/ Flash
PHP, Flash, Mysql, Photoshop

Talent needed:
PHP Coder and/or Layout Designer, Already have a Partner that is a Graphics Artist w/ previous racing game experience, Samples Below.

Team structure:
Me(Joseph), mainly working the Flash Programming, and A Graphics Artist from North Carolina named Mark are the only two of us thus far working on it full time.

http://groups.yahoo.com/group/carsrpg (Work in Progress....using as File Host/Offline communication)

Joseph Myers/ (478) 275-0103 / Aim: nebbie04 / bluemonick2@yahoo.com

Previous Work by Team:
Current Graphic Designer's Work:


Additional Info:

LOGO-------------------Cash, ICONS, USERLEVELS/RANK, ETC.

===Top Menus===
My Driver(proflie), Points/Prizes, World Map, Teams, Forums, Help


===Side Menus===

"Racing" Menu--- Head2Head, FreeRace, Mini-Games(such as Tire Burnout, Time Trials), Elimination Tournaments.
"My Garage" Menu ---- Select Primary Car, View Cars, Do-it-Yourself Repairs, Sponserships
"City" Menu--- Auction House, Paint n Spray, PartQuest, Repair Shop, Driving School, Dealership, Driving School
"Toolbox" Menu --- Inventory, Trophy Room, Buy Tools


Cash - Buys parts, cars, items, apartment/garage, etc
EXP - determined by User Rank. Unlocks items, areas on map, shops, cars
Sponsorships - adds cash based on level, adds cash on race win, special parts unlocked

===Aspects of the Game===

Upgrading Car:
You have to 'fix up' your car at a shop/mechanic by default, to add new items to your car.
But if you have the right tools in your personal garage/toolbox, all you have to do is buy the part (from a store or auction) and you can install it yourself.
So instead of paying for parts and labor, you pay for just parts, which will really make the ebay/auction house useful.

Ex: Say you have no tools in your tool box but you want to install a new intake on your car, you'd have to go to the auto shop/mechanic and have them buy and install it for you.
But if you had a wrench and a screwdriver in your toolbox at your personal garage, all you'd have to do is buy the intake at the shop or online and install it yourself

There will be unlockable content in the game that's only available by driving around free roam. These can be simple 'For Sale'
cars on the side of the street that you can't get at the dealership, or already 'fixed up' cars.