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05-22-2008, 09:25 PM
I am trying to use this player (http://musicplayer.sourceforge.net/) to play music on my site and it works fine, as you can see here (http://mattsnow.co.uk/test/). this is great for just a few songs, but i have about 300 here that have been uploaded and it would be an extremely boring task to add each song to the xspf playlist file. Does anyone know about a playlist generator or something that can take the .mp3 files name and put it in the playlist file?

05-22-2008, 09:28 PM
If you know the format of the xml file that is needed then you can use php to generate the xml file for you.

This is a sample file that reads through a directory, filters the mp3/jpg/flv
files and builds a playlist from it. After looking through this file, you'll
probably 'get the idea' and'll be able to setup your own directory.

// search for mp3 files. set this to '.flv' or '.jpg' for the other scripts
$filter = ".mp3";
// path to the directory you want to scan
$directory = "somedirectory";

// read through the directory and filter files to an array
@$d = dir($directory);
if ($d) {
while($entry=$d->read()) {
$ps = strpos(strtolower($entry), $filter);
if (!($ps === false)) {
$items[] = $entry;

// third, the playlist is built in an xspf format
// we'll first add an xml header and the opening tags ..

echo "<playlist version='1' xmlns='http://xspf.org/ns/0/'>\n";
echo " <title>Sample PHP Generated Playlist</title>\n";
echo " <info>http://www.*******************/</info>\n";
echo " <trackList>\n";

// .. then we loop through the mysql array ..
for($i=0; $i<sizeof($items); $i++) {
echo " <track>\n";
echo " <title>".$filename."</title>\n";
echo " <location>$items[$i]</location>\n";
echo " </track>\n";

// .. and last we add the closing tags
echo " </trackList>\n";
echo "</playlist>\n";

That's it! You can feed this playlist to the SWF by setting this as it's 'file'
parameter in your HTML page.

The above code IS the xml file so link to that as the playlist. Just change the directory to match where your mp3 files are stored at.

05-24-2008, 06:22 PM
This looks like what I'm looking for, although I'm a bit confused on what exactly you do. Could you post more detailed instructions?

05-24-2008, 07:51 PM
You change the directory of where the mp3s are stored at. You also need to know how a playlist looks for the player. As I said you NEED to know the structure of the playlist. Do you know this? If so then post an example.

12-22-2008, 09:14 AM
I'm very new to PHP. My first project is an almost valid (http://validator.xspf.org/) xspf playlist generator that scans a directory and generates an xml (xspf) playlist from the id3 tags it finds in mp3 files. This project uses the get_id3() class (http://getid3.sourceforge.net/) available at sourceforge.net.

An html title is provided for search engines as well as a default "noimage.jpg" used for all mp3s without a matching jpg image. JPG Images that match the mp3 file name are included in the playlist making it easy to set a default image for an entire directory and customize images for individual tracks.

You can get it here: xspf.php playlist generator home page (http://www.trbailey.net/xspf/)

Any comments are welcome.