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05-21-2008, 07:07 AM
Alright, I am locally developing a webpage and I wanted to use an image map (That's not bad or outdated yet right?). So I put it together, and it works in FF but not IE ... go figure. I did search google and didn't come up with why it didn't work but I did find plenty of tutorials ... Any who, Here is my code

<div id="tnav"><!-- Top Navigation bar -->

<img class="nav" src="images/yqbubble.jpg" alt="YaymeQ's Flower Icon">
<img class="nav" src="images/thepastnav.png" alt="site navigation" usemap="navigation">
<map name="navigation">
<area shape="rect" coords="0,0,55,59" href="index.html" alt="Home">
<area shape="rect" coords="0,55,138,59" href="construtction.html" alt="All the stuff I've written">
<area shape="rect" coords="0,138,233,59" href="construtction.html" alt="Shout outs to people I know">
<area shape="rect" coords="0,233,335,59" href="construtction.html" alt="What's going on lately">
<area shape="rect" coords="0,335,425,59" href="construtction.html" alt="Leave your comment">
<area shape="rect" coords="0,425,505,59" href="construtction.html" alt="The world through my eyes">
<area shape="rect" coords="0,505,560,59" href="construtction.html" alt="Other places you might find me">
<area shape="rect" coords="60,0,560,119" href="construtction.html" alt="You are here">
Thank you so much, wonderful cf people. It's pretty basic code (I think) so I really can't see where my trouble lies ... would it be better to use multiple images for this? It's not a huge image or anything ... I could probably even do it without an image ... I didn't like how that looked though...

05-21-2008, 07:20 AM
<img class="nav" src="images/thepastnav.png" alt="site navigation" usemap="#navigation">

05-21-2008, 07:23 AM
Hey thanks, I knew it had to be simple. :D