View Full Version : <iframe> (submenu) - Disappear after 8 times

Space Guru
05-18-2008, 11:27 PM

Firstly - I am no IT-expert, but I enjoy and started to learn myself some basics to create webpages.

I have created the following webpage:


I used <iframes>. -- I know this is not the best way - I tried CSS to layout the site, but the floating div's always gave me problems (not enough knowledge on my side). :confused:

Well, - the iframes are working just fine. The blue-menus at the top does not give me any problem. The red menus and the 2 word-link menus in the main content area is what is giving me problems.

If I go through the main content-area menu link continuously - when I get to the nineth time only the top iframe remains and the main content and footer iframe disappear. If you look at the link try pressing the red-menu's nine time and you can see for yourself.

Is there a quick fix for this.

I found that if I press the red-menus up to eight times - then one of the blue menus - then it almost is resetting the whole process and I can press the red menus eight again eight times.

Thus I think a solution can be if I can tell the system to when it change the main content iframe to first re-run the navigation iframe (like pressing a blue menu item) and then change the required main content iframe - (Hoping that you will never get a scenario where the bottom half of the webpage disappear after the eight time you change the iframe-content.

Hope there is a quick solution.

If there is - Can you please try to explain in simple terms